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Slim Formula For Weight Loss Support
PILC is proud to introduce our new line of supplements, specifically design and formulated for weight loss support. They consist of two separate versions, Night and Day formulas, to increase fat loss during the entire day, even while you are asleep, only without getting any jitters so you can keep your night's rest. Both formulas have been sealed in easy to swallow capsules.  Contact us for more information and for any specials.
The Slim Goal

Our Slim formula is unique and in conjunction with a healthy life style, you can experience results as fast as in 2-3 weeks. Results will vary with each person as our bodies are different and depend on our metabolism.  Consistency is the key for results to show and maintain. We encourage our patients to maintain a workout regimen and a healthy eating habit, by doing so, our Slim Formula will help to speed up the fat removal process for a healthier and toned body. Sim formula is part of a healthy life style and will not cause crashes or major side effects. 

 The Slim Formulation

The Day Slim has been formulated with key ingredients to help speed up our metabolism and thus utilizing stored fat and burning it down effectively. Increasing metabolism also increases the our lymphatic system and this will help to get rid of the fat and toxins, eliminating them from our bodies. Day Slim is mainly composed of herbal stimulants, which help the body to naturally increase metabolism. It also contains natural antioxidants, like Green Tea extract. But one of the main and most important ingredient is Glucomannan and Hoodia, which helps to suppress appetite.  For best results, take 1 capsule in the morning before or after breakfast and 1 Capsule in the afternoon, after lunch.

The Night Slim is essentially formulated to help you recover and maintain lean muscle. When your muscles are leaner and healthier, the fat breakdown is even more effective. Night Slim's ingredients are mainly amino acids, specifically selected to help maintain muscle mass, eliminate lactic acid build up, heal and repair muscle, all this to give you a toner and fit body. For best results, we recommend for the Night Slim to be taken on empty stomach 30 minutes prior to bed time.
  What to Expect

 Results may vary with each individual who starts taking the Slim Formula. The Day Slim formula can cause some jittery sensation at the beginning, but we encourage to continue for 1 week before giving up, unless you the side effects are intolerable. Also, if you have hypertension or heart conditions, we recommend you to consult with us first. Hydration is needed everyday, as this will help to flush out toxins from the body.  The Night Slim is the best way to recover from the days hard work, especially if you had a workout. Night Slim will help your body replenish and heal muscle while eliminating lactic acid and decrease soreness. To maintain long term results, consider taking both Day/Night Slim formulas.
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