Remaxx Hair Care Products

Remaxx Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

The REMAXX Advanced Hair Fitness Program was originally designed for those experiencing hair loss, but the benefits are too great not to share with the rest of the world!

There are no harsh detergent cleansers that damage the hair, only ingredients designed to cleanse mildly and feed the hair cells proteins, amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins proven to be necessary for the maintenance of strong, healthy hair.

The REMAXX Advanced Hair Fitness System consists of the following line of products:

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Poly-Nutrient Shampoo: Contains collagen complex with a unique blend of Keratin Proteins and CHC (Cocodimonium Hydrolysed Collagen) that attaches to the hair and remains behind after the rest of the shampoo is rinsed. This protection keeps the hair's natural moisture inside, avoiding evaporation.

Moisture Maintenance Shampoo: Contains the same formula as the Poly-Nutrient Shampoo but with additional moisturizing agents to enhance dry, damaged hair while maintaining volume and manageability.

Reconstructive Moisturizer: This formula brings your hair into proper balance by "filling in" broken polypeptide bonds and split ends with quaternized keratin protein. It acts as a reconditioner for damaged hair, a rejuvenator for limp hair, and enhances appearance by adding shine.

Sculpting Spray: This is a natural hold styling spray that is formulated with a special polymer blend for a good hold without sacrificing appearance.
Replenisher: This special formula contains natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin proteins, collagen amino acids, collagen linoleate, biotin, and many other nutrients that are proven necessary in nourishing the hair cell that leaves the hair looking thicker and healthy.

Activator: This is a combination of deep cleansing surfactants that helps to remove oils from the scalp and hair follicle while depositing l-cystine and biotin to the hair cells.

Enhancer: This has been formulated with collagen, amino acids, biotin, vitamins, and nutrients uniquely blended to enhance the life and health of the hair.

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